Animals displaced by tornado having emotional reunions with owners

Animals displaced by tornado are having emotional reunions with owners

In the four days of clean up since the tornado hit, there are still many stray or displaced animals in the city.

Dozens of animals were displaced after the EF-3 tornado leveled parts of Taylorville.

Some are just grateful their animals are still with them.

“I kept praying and praying, God please, please watch over my little animals, you know, and let them be safe,” said Diana Denning, who initially lost her pets during the storm.

But Denning was sure on Saturday night they were not.

“And I just knew they were dead,” she said.

Cages were all her animals had to brace themselves against an EF-3 tornado.

“My daughter said, 'Let’s go to the safe spot mom,' but we couldn’t make it in time,” Denning said.

But she was given some unbelievable news the following day.

“When I went the next day, my neighbor, Randy, he said, ‘Diane I have all your dogs and your puppies and I was so grateful and he smiled at me and he said, I got your bird too’,” Denning said.

Thursday afternoon, she went to Christian County Animal Control to visit those puppies and dogs she thought she lost during the storm.

Christian County Animal Control had been housing displaced and stray animals since the storm hit and if you see a stray animal, be aware.

“Pay attention to how that animal behaves. Not every animal’s friendly and like people,” Vince Harris, with the Christian County Animal Control, said.

In Denning’s case, she is grateful to have survived.

“I was under, pinned under the debris at my trailer that’s demolished,” she said.

Denning thanks the first responders who said they helped in conditions she calls life-threatening.

“They carried me for over three blocks and I can’t tell you how thankful I am,” Denning said.

She said she's thankful to now be able to visit her animals and that she woke up alive to do so.

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