Missing 13-month-old report was fabricated

Amber Alert issued for 13-month-old


Fulton County ESDA confirms the missing persons report made about 13-month-old Bentley Dutz was fabricated.


An Amber Alert is being issued for 13 month old Bentley Dutz.

Bentley has blond hair and is wearing a Bob the Builder yellow and white onesie with blue hood.

The suspect's vehicle is a stolen gold 2000 ford Taurus with license plate A T 7 0 9 8 7. Bentley was in the back seat when the vehicle was stolen.

There are three suspects. First suspect is James T. Jackson, a black male born September 23, 1994. The second suspect is a male wearing a yellow Reebok hooded sweatshirt. The third suspect is a male wearing a white hooded sweatshirt.

Vehicle was stolen from the Circle K in Farmington, Illinois.

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