Community comes together to honor life of Ta'Naja Barnes

    Community comes together to honor life of Ta'Naja Barnes (WRSP)

    Decatur Police Department said 2-year-old Ta'Naja Barnes was found at her mother's house, wrapped in a blanket and covered in urine.

    The autopsy also found Ta'Naja was extremely malnourished and dehydrated.

    Her mother is now behind bars, charged with her daughter's murder.

    On Friday night, members of the community mourned a life lost too soon - a child many said never got a fair chance at life.

    Many are calling this vigil a chance to show Ta'Naja the love she deserved, but many said she never got.

    The emotions tell a story and the photos put a face to the name.

    Ta'Naja Davis, who Julianne Salmons said she wishes she would've known lived here just two doors down from where she lived until three months ago.

    "It's heartbreaking. Any mother, I don't understand how you would fathom somebody to do this to your child and for you to do it to your own child," Salmons said.

    On Friday, she revisited her old neighborhood to honor Ta'Naja life - a life she said was cut tragically short.

    "She can't speak anymore and she obviously couldn't then because they had her locked away," Salmons said.

    Ta'Naja was wrapped in a urine-soaked blanket in what some call a house of horrors.

    "It's really hit hard. She needed to be honored and she deserves it," Organizer of the vigil Rene Hutchinson said.

    Gathered just steps away from the front of Ta'Naja former home.

    Dozens remember her and try to come to terms with a death that has shaken a community.

    Though her scrapes, bruises and scars went unnoticed in the past, neighbors have made a promise.

    "He didn't stand up for her, so we're going to do it."

    Ta'Naja mother is in the Macon County Jail, but a man still lives in the house that was condemned by the city of Decatur the same day Ta'Naja died.

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