Accidents on the rise throughout Illinois, down in Springfield

The number of accidents continues to rise throughout Illinois. (WICS)

The number of accidents continues to rise throughout Illinois. According to the Department of Transportation, in July of 2016, there were 544 fatal crash victims. This year, there have been 559 fatal crash victims.

Although the number of accidents is increasing statewide, the number of accidents in Springfield has dropped, according to the Springfield Police Department.

This past June there were 400 accidents in Springfield, a 7-percent decrease compared to June of 2016.

Officers have increased their patrols in the last month in an effort to reduce accidents. Now, they say their efforts seem to be working.

“The reason we’ve been increasing traffic enforcement is to reduce the factors that lead to traffic crashes,” said Sgt. Kris Rhodes with the Springfield Police Department.

Those factors include disobeying traffic signals, distracted driving, speeding and not wearing a seatbelt.

Officers perform details where they look for those violations at high crash intersections like Dirksen Parkway and Sangamon Avenue. In June, there were 20 accidents at that intersection.

Officers said they hope increasing enforcement in high crash zones will bring the number of accidents down to zero.

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