.38 gun pen, samurai sword among items taken at courthouse

.38 gun pen, samurai sword among items taken at courthouse (WICS)

People try to bring banned items into the Sangamon County courthouse almost every day, deputies say.

There have been some cases where people have tried to bring in bombs and swords.

About a dozen people are arrested every year for trying to bring more extreme items inside the courthouse.

One item confiscated, over the years, is a gun that looks like a pen that can shoot .32 or .38 caliber bullets.

Someone tried bringing in a samurai sword one time.

"That guy came in earlier that day, wasn't limping, came back later that day, was limping, and had it wrapped in a towel in a sheath down his right leg," said Lieutenant Jerry Durr.

If you're caught with an illegal knife or firearm in the courthouse, you can be arrested for a felony, Durr said.

You're encouraged to have everything out of your pockets if you have to go through security.

Anything made out of metal can set off the detector.

Most of the people who try to bring illegal items into the courthouse forget they have it with them, Durr said.

Most banned items are minor and are not guns, swords, bombs or illegal knives.

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