211 students absent from school following Taylorville tornado

    211 students absent from school following Taylorville tornado. (WICS)

    As many are still dealing with tornado damage, 211 students were absent from Taylorville schools out of more than 2,000 students total.

    Many said it’s important to talk to your kids after natural disasters like this.

    “It’s difficult sometimes to know how they feel because they don’t really know how to express yet,” said Rebekah Hoover, a mother of two.

    Natural disaster can be difficult on a child.

    “We just held the kids tight,” Rebekah’s husband Lloyd Hoover said. “We were in the corner of the basement and under a table.”

    Tuesday, all schools in Taylorville's school district had a counselor available to talk to the kids and walk them through this natural disaster.

    Parents can also help the kids understand.

    “Mainly holding them tight to let them know that you care and you are there to hold them close no matter what happens,” Rebekah Hoover said.

    Tammy Bower was with her kids in a home that had the roof ripped right off during the tornado.

    “I didn’t want a big panic down there,” Bowers said. “Just trying to keep them as calm as possible.”

    Bower said she believes going through this might affect her kids for sometime.

    “I’m sure for a while it probably will,” Bower said. “I know it will affect me for a while.”

    Taylorville Superintendent Gregg Fuerstenau said getting kids back to school will be good and will add normalcy back to their schedule.

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