20-year-old Springfield woman paralyzed by stray bullet

20-year-old Springfield woman paralyzed by stray bullet.

A 20-year-old Springfield woman remains hospitalized after being shot in the back.

Tashaye Higgerson was shot in her car on Saturday. While there's still a lot of unanswered questions in the case, the victim's mother is pleading for the public's help.

"Never in a million years thought I was going to get a call that she had been shot," Victim's mother, Taira Higgerson said.

Higgerson is still trying to piece together why her daughter was shot.

"She's not out in the streets," Higgerson said. "She's a college student, she works full-time, she's a good girl. She's a dancer, so how could something like this happen to her?"

Springfield police said shots rang out early Saturday morning, near the area of 18th and South Grand.

"She was stopped at a stop sign. They had the music up so they couldn't hear and the light turned green and her boyfriend told her to go and she tried to go but she couldn't," Higgerson explained.

Tashaye Higgerson's boyfriend, Marquise Stennis, was in the passenger seat. He soon realized his girlfriend had been shot in the back.

"He drove from the passenger side to get her to the hospital," Higgerson said.

Police said the car was hit three times. "It's not fair for my daughter. My daughter deserves justice and something needs to be done because she's innocent," Higgerson said.

Taira said the shooting has affected everything in her daughter's life.

"She was going to Texas Southern University and she came home, and then she was supposed to start cosmetology school but that's all gone now," Taira said.

While Tashaye continues to recover, her mother hopes whoever is responsible will be brought to justice.

"I want the police to start doing something - make it not so easy for people. I mean innocent people are getting hurt and it's not fair," Higgerson said.

Police say Higgerson nor Stennis were able to provide suspect information. If you have any details regarding the shooting that can give this family some peace of mind, contact your local law enforcement.

You can also call Springfield Police Department at 217-788-8325.

Family members said the young woman has already begun physical therapy and is in positive spirits.

The investigation is ongoing.

The family is asking for donations to help during Tashaye's recovery. If you'd like to help, click here.

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