15 men cleared in largest exoneration in Cook County

Leonard Gipson, center right, one of 15 convicted men, accompanied by Joshua Tepfer, center, left, of the University of Chicago's Exoneration Project, left, talks to reporters Thursday, Nov. 16, 2017, in Chicago, after a judge in Chicago threw out the convictions of the men, who say a corrupt Chicago police sergeant manufactured evidence that sent them to prison. Cook County prosecutors made the request Thursday as 10 of the men stood before Judge Leroy Martin Jr. It was the latest chapter in a scandal that resulted in former Sgt. Ronald Watts' 2013 conviction for extorting money from drug dealers. (AP Photo/Teresa Crawford)

Criminal charges for 15 former inmates, who claimed they were framed, were tossed out Thursday in Cook County.

The judge said their cases were tied to a corrupt South Side Chicago officer who was accused of manufacturing evidence during investigations.

In total 18 convictions were overturned.

This is the largest single day of exonerations in Cook County history.

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