Two Springfield dogs shot and killed in 30 days, officers explain

Two Springfield dogs shot and killed in 30 days, officers explain (WICS)

On Sunday the Springfield Police Department received a call of a vicious animal and officers responded.

According to police the dog charged at the officer.

They said the officer had no choice but to shoot the one-year-old dog named Drama.

“Our policy allows our officers to put dogs down when they believe themselves or somebody else is at serious risk and in danger or at chance of harm and it was clear in this video that's what happened here,” said Springfield Chief of Police Kenny Winslow.

Timothy Valtille lives right across the street from where the incident happened, he said he saw everything.

"The officer, he worried about his life and he shot like five shots,” said witness Timothy Valtille.

However, Shelly Kochman a mom of four, wishes police would have handled the situation differently.

"There were other options, tase, billy club, anything, she wasn't an aggressive dog,” said Kochmann.

Officers said an animal may not be aggressive toward their owner, but when it comes to a stranger, it’s a different story.

"Sometimes they're protective of you or they're property and it just depends on the dog and the perception of the public,” explained Chief Winslow.

Officers said the last thing they want to do is shoot a dog, but sometimes it’s the only option.

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