School administrators relieved school funding reform passed legislature

School administrators relieved school funding reform passed legislature (WICS)

No red numbers: that's what lawmakers were touting Monday after passing a school funding reform bill that doesn't have any school districts losing out on state funding down the road.

PORTA Schools Superintendent Matt Brue said he's relieved funding could be coming in shortly.

“Part of me is happy it's done, that they've got a plan,” Brue said. “I certainly hope that we're able to fund it in the future and we can continue to do the right thing for schools."

Brue said he doesn't think the bill approved by the General Assembly will do much to improve where his schools are at today though.

"It's not particularly beneficial to our school district just because of the way the plan works out, but from the statewide perspective, it's pretty good," Brue said.

Athens High School Principal Bill Reed said if the governor signs the bill, it'll be huge for Athens Schools.

“We'll finally get some state payments in and it'll help keep all our programs that we have in place running,” Reed said.

The Illinois State Board of Education said it'll take about a week to release school payment vouchers to the Comptroller's Office once a new funding method becomes law.

According to the Comptroller's Office, it'll take about two days to get funding to districts once they get payment vouchers from the Illinois State Board of Education.

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