Quarterbacks Reflect On Sunday's Super Bowl

Quarterbacks Reflect

Monday was media day for the NFL as they get ready for the Super Bowl. The Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers will go head to head this Sunday to decide who is the best in football this year.

Both quarterbacks Peyton Manning and Cam Newton spoke to the media last night, and they have their own perspective on the big game.

"I feel like I have a good understanding of the significance in playing in the 50th Super Bowl. This is a unique, special opportunity and obviously you want to take advantage of it," said Peyton Manning.

"We need this win. So many times as a franchise, I know prior to me we been the laughing stock of the league. Now we can set the tone for so many years of what Carolina Football is and it starts with a win on Sunday," said Cam Newton.

This will be Newton's first time playing in the Super Bowl. Manning has been to the Super Bowl three times before.

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