Best Super Bowl Ads

Best Super Bowl Ads

Of course, one of the best parts of the Super Bowl besides the game are the ads. USA Today has published their list of the Super Bowl's best ads.

According to USA today, the third-best was Doritos "ultrasound" ad, where a mother eats a Dorito, which the baby in her womb then eats, and prompts her to give birth right there in the clinic.

The second-best was Heinz's "wiener race," where wiener dogs dressed in hot dog buns, run to men dressed up like condiment bottles.

And USA Today declared Kevin Hart's Hyundai commercial number one. He lets his daughter and her date drive his new Hyundai Genesis, only so he can track them using the car's "finder" feature on his smart phone.

And it may not be the "best" ad, but it's definitely the most talked about: puppy-monkey-baby.The commercial was for Mountain dew's drink called Kick Start, which is a combination of Mountain Dew, fruit juice, and caffeine. To make the unusual creature, they attached a real baby doll's legs to a money's body, and then digitally tracked a real pug's head onto the model.

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