Arkansas parents work to ban sale of unwashed poppy seeds

Parents work to ban sale of unwashed poppy seeds. (CNN Newsource)

Two parents who lost their son from an unexpected overdose are now trying to ban the sale of unwashed poppy seeds.

The Hacala family says their son, Stephen Hacala, died from ingesting morphine from the seeds he bought legally online.

He was found unresponsive in his room next to a bag of unwashed poppy seeds and a water bottle, which was also filled with seeds.

Steve Hacala, Stephen's father, says it's easy to overlook how harmful poppy seeds can be.

"The problem is the morphine concentrations vary so much between manufacturer, country of origin, harvest season, that you're really playing Russian Roulette with the dosage. You just don't know what you're getting and that's what makes them so dangerous," Hacala said.

Amazon has agreed to stop selling poppy seeds labeled as 'unwashed.' However, many poppy seeds for sale on the Internet do not specify whether they are washed or unwashed.

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