Capital Township Supervisor reacts to merger vote

Capital Township building (WICS)

Capital Township is one step closer to merging with Sangamon County.

On Tuesday, about 75 percent of voters in Capital Township chose to move forward with a plan to fold under the leadership of Sangamon County.

Township Supervisor Tom Cavanagh says some staff positions and services will be eliminated in the process, but it is expected to save taxpayers about $685,000 per year and provide 26 percent of the townships tax levy.

"We need legislation to accomplish that and we are going to work with Sangamon County to try to get some legislation to accommodate that change," Cavanagh said.

The capital township is its own taxing body that takes about $50 of your property taxes on average a year to provide services.

The township levies a property tax assessment which is separate from the county, but their services overlap. This includes the assessment of the property of taxes and the collection of property taxes.

The township is the only entity that provides something called General Assistance which helps those without a job who usually have a medical condition.

When it comes down to it, the proposal hopes the city or the county, will take over the services including the General Assistance Program. From there, the discussions could impact the services depending on how much money will go into the program.

Right now, it’s about $1.2 million a year.

The merger is expected to officially take effect in 2021.

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