Pay It Forward: Barbie Clement

Inside a safe haven on Springfield's eastside is the woman who made it all possible: Barbie Clement. (WICS)

Among the rows of tattered homes and neglected yards --

"Children living on the streets, children with no homes, no stability," Barbie Clement, founder of Angel Hope Ministry, said.

Tucked away on an intersection on Springfield's eastside is a safe haven for those in need. Inside that safe haven is the woman who made this all possible: Barbie Clement.

"To me, Barbie is like a mother to everyone she meets,” said Diana McElroy.

Clement founded the Angel Hope Ministry a few years ago. She started by helping a few families in Springfield whether it was providing food, shelter, money, or just support. Now her generosity spans across the country.

"It's all about family,” she said.

With the help of only a few people she's able to touch the lives of so many who are now helping give back in return.

"Howard was one of my first people who came to us. We got him into a house, got him clothing, and now he likes it so much, he's my cook,” said Clement.

"I was depressed. I had three kids and Barbie showed me there was another way," Howard Gibson, who cooks for the ministry, told us.

On any given Sunday, up to 50 people will pack the bottom of this little church looking for food. However, what they find beyond this pantry door is so much more.

"I come from a home full of drug abuse, and violence and she really helped me escape that,” said one teenager who Barbie has helped.

That's why Barbie Clement has been chosen as our Pay It Forward winner for October.

"On behalf of Hy-Vee and NewsChannel 20 we would like to present you with this $500 check."

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