Local news anchor shares her story of life after child loss to a national audience

Local news anchor shares her story of life after child loss (WICS)

Life can change in an instant and news anchor Stacey Skrysak knows that all too well. Stacey and her husband, Ryan, were both shocked and thrilled to be expecting triplets in 2013. But their world came crashing down at 22 weeks gestation when Stacey faced a number of health complications. Stacey went on to deliver her triplets more than 17 weeks premature. Their daughter, Abigail, passed away two hours after birth. Their daughter, Peyton, and brother, Parker, were taken to the neonatal intensive care unit weighing only one pound each. Nearly two months later, the Skrysaks once again faced tragedy. Their son passed away in the NICU.

Over the years, Stacey found strength thanks to an army of supporters in Illinois and around the world. As she learned how to live life after loss, she began writing, becoming a voice for others who have faced child loss, premature birth and infertility. Recently, The Today Show Parenting Team spent time with the Skrysaks, as they shared what it's like living with grief, while also finding joy in their surviving triplet.

You can watch the Today Show piece here: Skrysak family lives with love and loss, Today Show Parenting Team

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