Battling bullying at District 186 schools

School hallway. (WICS)

It's a topic we get a lot of emails about - bullying.

It's something that has changed drastically in the past decade, ever since the rise in social media.

It's also a rising concerning for many parents.

District 186 says it's all about being proactive and understanding that different students need different support.

They use what's called the Braided Behavioral Support System and have a bullying policy they send out to all families.

"We have bullying report forms that we encourage people to fill out, but we also know that it's hard for students to come and share those pieces of information," District 186 Superintendent Jennifer Gill said. "We want to build an environment of respect and a culture of learning in our buildings that allows people to have those conversations."

Superintendent Gill says the district starts with teaching kindness and respect early on.

Even teaching teachers how to implement those emotional and social skills into their curriculum.

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