ISBE changes school immunization rule
A nurse wearing gloves about to administer an immunization. (WICS)

Just days before the state deadline, the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) is changing course when it comes to students meeting the state deadline for turning in immunization records.

Meeting the Oct. 15 deadline is still required by Illinois State law, even during a pandemic, but there are new options for those that fail to turn it in.

On Oct. 12, ISBE released a statement, saying the COVID-19 pandemic has presented new challenges and situations where routine medical care is concerned.

Late last month, Newschannel 20 and FOX Illinois reached out to the Illinois State Board of Education to see how they plan to enforce the deadline. They provided this statement saying in part:

“If a child does not comply by October 15, or by the earlier established date of the current school year, then the local school authority shall exclude the child from school until the child presents proof of having had the health examination. There is no language in the code that differentiates remote/distance-learning versus on-site/physical learning.”

ISBE now says families that do not turn in their health examination or immunization records can have their child participate in e-learning or remote instruction.

However, that instruction must solely be remote.

These students will not be considered to be violating the school code.

Since many are in remote learning already, these students should not lose access to e-learning instruction.

District 186 officials provided this statement on the matter:

“We are happy to receive definitive guidance that remote learning can continue for all students.”

School districts should still work with families to find services and healthcare providers.

Those students who don't have their forms turned in, but are participating in remote learning will still be qualified for the free and reduced meal plans.

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Thousands of Illinois students have not submitted immunization records

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