Bill would pay $100 for home surveillance video
Surveillance video helping Springfield Police solve crimes (WICS)

An Illinois bill may soon reward you if you step up and help police fight crime

Representative Mike Zalewski (D-Riverside) filed a House bill that rewards residents $100  if they submit a home surveillance video that helps police prosecute a crime.

The Springfield Police Department is all for the incentive and says support from the community is an essential part of combatting crime.


“We’re in favor of anything that would bring more witnesses forward, "said SPD Deputy Chief Joshua Stuenkel."There are often incidents that occur where someone did witness it. For whatever reason, they’re reluctant to come forward. If there is a monetary incentive and there’s a different way for them to come forward. We're in favor of that”

The Springfield Police Department also has a camera registration program where people can put in their home surveillance information and detectives use it to get leads on crime.

SPD says residents can also submit videos and pictures through the Crimestoppers app and if that leads to arrest, you can receive an award.

Right now the bill is on first reading.

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