Matt WitkosMultimedia Journalist

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Matt was born and raised in the Metro Detroit area, which is just an hour outside the Motor City.

He received a bachelor's degree in journalism with a concentration in broadcast journalism from Wayne State University.

His interest in covering local news began when his best friend and he started a radio show program on our campus station. After that the rest is just history.

Matt's career began at the NBC affiliate in Helena, Montana. His responsibilities included reporting, producing and occasional anchoring.

The Treasure State gave him plenty of experience covering all sorts of news. One story dealt with an alleged plot to kill someone after revealing the sub plot to the recent Star Wars film. A couple weeks later, Matt was in White Sulphur Springs, MT covering how hunting officials are combating an overabundance of the elk population.

What brought on his interest for becoming a voice for the people was during his bike trips throughout Detroit, and not just the downtown area. Matt was exploring areas where most people didn't want to go in the city. There he met people affected by lack of police presence and infrastructure. He wanted them to be able to feel safe to go outside like so many years ago when Detroit was the spot to be.

Matt is looking forward to being part of this community and trying this horseshoe dish that he's heard so much about.

When he's not working, Matt enjoys riding his bike, catching a flick at the cinema and going to the gym.

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