Saturday Night Rivals: Unity Might Have A Secret Weapon


For the Unity Rockets, one player who might stand out to some is a big part of this team.

As a freshman, she's in this for the long run, expects to be on varsity and gain the respect she knows she deserves.

Here's what it like being the only girl on football team.

"In all actuality, I can do anything that the guys can do on the team,” said Karen Martin, Unity Rockets football player.

Believe it or not, Karen Martin has been playing football since the third grade.

Now that she’s a freshman in high school, her passion and dedication to the game hasn't slowed down.

She isn't scared of anybody and is out to prove that she belongs.

"I just want to prove that girls can do anything, like they're always stereotyped as being like weaker,” said Martin.

Martin says, at first, it was tough getting accepted by her teammates, but she says after playing with them since the fifth grade, they know what she's capable of.

"As soon as the games started going, when I sort of like kind of doing good in games, they kind of started accepting me,” Martin said.

Martin keeps working every day and waits her turn to one day be a bigger impact on the team and maybe one day start on varsity.

Martin says her ultimate goal isn't just about starting, but to also be a leader and to help her fellow teammates too.

"I want to prove to people that I can do it, but yet again I want to help like the younger kids get better at it,” Martin said.

For this week’s game, you won't see Karen on the sidelines because she's a freshman, but that doesn’t mean she's not cheering on the team as a fan.

Just make sure there aren't any bad calls.

"I get amped up when we watch the games… Especially if like it’s a bad call, I’ll get like amped up on that, like it just makes me mad - I hate bad calls,” Martin said.

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