Mt. Zion Students Receive New Chromebooks

New this year to Mt. Zion High School and Junior High School, each student has their very own Chromebook. (WRSP)

Increasing technology in schools is an ongoing trend. New this yearto Mt. Zion High School and Junior High School, each student has their very ownChromebook.

"I wasactually in a classroom today doing a teacher evaluation," said Mt. ZionHigh School Principal Cheryl Warner. “The very first thing the students did waspull out their Chromebooks and respond to a daily question that was related tothe English literature that was in front of them.”

Studentsand teachers say it has only improved their time in and outside of theclassroom.

Mt. Zion HighSchool math teacher Matthew Moore says it has given his class more time for funactivities.

"I puta lot of the instruction for their math online, so that when they come toschool they're prepped, they're primed, ready to learn," said Moore. “Whatwe're doing… we're doing the fun stuff in class; we’re putting it on the board;we’re discussing; we’re collaborating.”

FreshmanMaddi Hardin says it's made homework much easier.

"Wheneverwe get to take them home, I can pretty much access most of my work and books onit and check my grades whenever I want and even email some of my friends when Ineed help and my teachers, instantly," said Hardin.

Despitesome added challenges technology might create, teachers and administrators sayeach student having their own Chromebook hasn't created many problems.

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