A website is giving out your email, cell number and address. Are you on it?

WBMA is giving out your personal information.

"It's a little creepy that they can get my current address and all of my previous addresses. I don't love it," Katie Smith said.

Smith had no idea her personal information was listed on

"I've never heard of that," Smith said.

But it's not just her addresses that are on the site, her family members' names are too.

Compared to others on the site, Smith got lucky.

The site goes in depth when offering up your personal information for anyone to see.

Some people have their cell phone numbers, email information, even business names and addresses on the site.

Here's how they get your information:

If you use social media, like Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin, they can pull information from those sites.

The best way to keep it out of their hands is to make your page private.

Devin Chapman Senior spent years in the army with top secret security clearance. He says his personal information was guarded during that time, now that he's retired, he says he's entered a frightening world.

"The internet is a good thing and a bad thing and I feel like this case right now is a horrible thing, because it could really hurt you," Chapman said.

He had already heard about website and his wife removed his information from the site.

"She opted out then they sent her an email saying that I was opted out; then she went back typed my name in again she found another profile," Chapman said.

Even after finding the two profiles, there was still one left.

Senior says he knows how just having a small amount of someone's information could cost them a lot, like someone getting access to his computer through his email. That would mean his bank account numbers, even his social security number, are in jeopardy.

While the information shared contains just a few minor details, it could be a stockpile in the wrong hands.

"It's something that could possibly come back and haunt myself and my child. It could be something that could be so little but could become something so major," Chapman said.

To opt out, click here.

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