Walmart Attempted Robbery Victim Thanks Good Samaritan


An attempted robbery left a local woman injured in a Walmart parking lot in Springfield. However, as Newschannel 20's Esther Kwon tells us, the story has a happy ending.

Jenny Qualls was putting groceries into her car in broad daylight when police say a woman tried to steal her purse. Jenny took off after her, got in the getaway car with the alleged robber and got her purse back before being pushed out of the moving vehicle. However, there was a good Samaritan who helped Jenny that day and Newschannel 20 brought the two together Tuesday afternoon.

It was an emotional meeting between two women who've only met once before.

"You took time out of your busy day to stay and be with me and try to calm me down and help me," Jenny Qualls said to Crystal Cousin. "And I appreciate that more than you would ever know." Crystal helped Jenny literally pick up the pieces after the attempted robbery left Jenny alone and injured. "[I] looked at her in the eyes and said, 'it's going to be okay, I'm here to help," Crystal said.

"She could've kept driving, she didn't have to stop," said Jenny. "And then she stayed the whole time with me."

Crystal remembers watching Jenny being pushed out of the moving truck and falling to the ground. That's when Crystal took action. "I got out of my truck and helped her pick up her purse and her wallet and her cards that she was trying to pick up too, even when she was hurting," recalled Crystal.

Jenny says she doesn't know what she would've done if a good Samaritan hadn't stopped to help. "I probably would've been wandering the parking lot aimlessly because I really don't think I had any sense about me at that time," Jenny explained. Crystal says she didn't think twice about helping a stranger in need. All she had to do was put herself in Jenny's shoes. "I know how [much] family means to me, so I know that her family would want someone to be there for her if they're not there," explained Crystal.

The two women have already talked about spending time together and getting to know each other.

Jenny says now that she's thanked Crystal in person, and the suspects are behind bars, she's one step closer to getting closure.

The 26 year old woman accused of taking the purse, Jessica Spencer, and the 27 year old woman that was driving, Jacqulyn Graves, have been charged with attempted robbery and aggravated battery. They're both in the Sangamon County Jail and will be in court for a preliminary hearing on June 1.

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