Springfield Man Found Guilty in 2 Murders, Armed Robbery

Jermaine Davis has been found guilty on two charges of murder and armed robbery.

Two families are getting justice after their son and daughter were killed.

Jermaine Davis has been found guilty on two charges of murder and armed robbery.

Davis was convicted by a jury Thursday of killing Andrea Pocklington and Larry Grice back in 2012.

It took just over an hour for a jury to come to a guilty verdict.

Newschannel 20's Matt Witkos has reaction from the family.

“She would light up a room; she was a happy go lucky kid,” said Pocklington’s Aunt Bridget Young.

Andrea Pocklington's family is now receiving closure after their daughter was murdered several years ago.

“She was kind and she would give you her shirt off her back if you asked for it,” Pocklington’s mother Kristen Martin said.

For two weeks, the Assistant Sangamon County State’s Attorneys provided evidence to a jury of 12 that Davis killed Pocklington and Larry Grice.

“Mr. Grice was shot twice execution style and Miss Pocklington was shot in the face and brutally murdered with a knife as well,” Assistant Sangamon County State’s Attorney Dan Wright said.

On New Year’s Eve in 2012, Davis broke into Pocklington and Grice's home the two shared in the 900 block of north 9th Street.

The assistant state’s attorneys say that's when Davis attacked and murder them.

“To me, he is an animal,” Martin said. “I mean if he did this to one person or two and that, he could do it to somebody else if he was out on the streets.”

A life gone to soon; Pocklington was a mother a three with another boy on the way. Pocklington's mother says the children are now all separated.

“I think we all have a huge hole in our soul that is probably never going to heal,” said Young.

“We all miss her and love her very much and we wish we could have her back,” said Martin.

Davis' sentencing is scheduled for June 8.

Sancho Mitchell is also facing similar charges for allegedly killing these two victims.

Mitchell has already pleaded not guilty.

His next court appearance is scheduled for June this year.

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