Senate Revisits Grand Bargain


The Senate revisited the Grand Bargain Wednesday.

They passed one bill giving local government's flexibility on paying debts passed.

This is one of the few measures with bi-partisan support in the package aiming to help efforts to come up with a state budget.

In a press conference, Senate President, John Cullerton, and Minority Leader, Christine Radogno, commented on the budget negotiations.

"You can only go so far and still have votes to pass these bills,” said Senate President, John Cullerton. “And we believe that we just about exhausted those efforts to compromise on the reforms,"

"I am disappointed there appears to be a growing frustration in thinking amongst some that maybe will never get this done,” said Minority Leader, Christine Rodogno. “Again, I keep motivated to continue to do this work because the consequences are so severe"

There is a total of 11 bills included in the Grand Bargain, originally that number was 13.

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