Officials warn about fires caused by knob and tube wiring in old houses

Officials warn about ‘knob and tube’ wiring in old houses causing fires

The Springfield Fire Department believes they know what caused a late-night fire early February.

They think it's due to old wiring that heated up.

Now there’s a warning from Springfield Fire: anyone living in an old house should check for what's called knob and tube wiring.

Officials say it's somewhat common in Springfield homes.

They said it's the source of two house fires already this year.

"Since they were done in older homes, the newer homes,” said Captain Jim Price of the Springfield Fire Department. “Sometimes if we overload those circuits, or if we put too much insulation and they don't have a chance to dissipate that heat, they can cause fires. This is the second this year that has had knob and tube style wiring."

Officials say if you live in an old home, to be sure to check the wiring and make the necessary upgrades.

In this fire, a 13-year-old saved his younger brother and near blind and deaf grandmother.

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