Mommy Matters: Watching Out For Dangerous Toys


It’s the season for shopping, but a warning before you buy those toys for your children.

The consumer advocacy group, the California Public Interest Research Group says, dozens of toys are recalled, yet can still be found online.

Some of the toys it says to steer clear of include the Sky Rover Aero Cruise with a faulty charger and the Bud and Skip It pull towy with loose tiny pieces.

Experts say toys like these have small pieces which a child could swallow.

One life saving test, pull toys apart and see if each piece can pass through a toilet roll.

“Just making sure if it does fit into this hole, it is too small for children,” said Helen Arbogast from the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles.

Experts say it’s not just small toy pieces, kids have been known to also swallow tiny button batteries.

For the complete list of toys the research group says to avoid, click here.

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