Mommy Matters: Creating Custom Dolls For Kids With Prosthetics

Student designs custom dolls for kids with prosthetics (WICS)

Kids often look for dolls that look just like them.

But that can be a challenge for a child who has a prosthetic.

One college student is on a mission to change that.

Mikaela Nelson studies prosthetics at the University of Hartford and she started her own business, designing custom dolls for kids across the country.

Parents will send pictures of what they’re looking for, and she goes to work; often spending days on just one doll.

“I was able to make her a leg that was rainbow and red and all of her favorite colors and still make it look like her own leg,” said Nelson. “It was just really cool to see how happy she was to see it and the fact that she wanted to name it after me was really, really special.”

The dolls are nice reminders as they grow up that being unique is a good thing.

You can find Mikael’s doll creations in her store on Etsy.

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