Illinois universities see decline in student enrollment

Public universities across Illinois are seeing a decline in enrollment. (file photo)

It's been two months since the state passed a budget, but the long terms effects are still being felt.

Now, public universities across the state are blaming the 2-year-long crisis on lower enrollment numbers.

Enrollment at many of the state's public universities dropped this year according to the Chicago Tribune.

A recent US News and World Report ranked the University of Illinois 52nd this year.

Last year it was 44th.

University officials are blaming the budget for the drop in rankings.

The decline in numbers is particularly noticeable among incoming freshmen.

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and Eastern Illinois University reported double-digit declines in incoming freshmen classes.

First-time freshmen enrollment at Western Illinois University dropped 21% this year.

And Illinois State University's freshmen enrollment dropped 9.3%.

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