Holocaust Survivors Speak Out Against Trump Refugee Ban

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President Donald Trump's travel ban on Muslims from certain countries continues to outrage groups across Illinois.

Now some Holocaust survivors across the state are voicing their concerns over the refugee ban.

A few of them spoke at the Illinois Holocaust Museum in Skokie Thursday.

They're in their 80's now and were children when their families were taken away.

The survivors warn that the policy stopping immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries could result in lives being lost.

"I'm not going to compare this to what happened to the Jews in Europe, it is a totally, totally different story... because we were not allowed to immigrate to this country," Fritzie Fritzshall, a Holocaust survivor, said.

The museum CEO pointedly called out the president for not mentioning Jews and anti-Semitism on international holocaust remembrance day --the same day he announced his executive order.

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