Henson Robinson Zoo Opens For Season

Henson Robinson Zoo opens for spring season. (WICS)

The chilly weather didn't stop families from spending the day at Henson Robinson Zoo.

Saturday, the zoo opened for the season.

Though it may have felt cold for us, experts say the animals love this type of weather.

We're told there are a number of of exhibits with animals who are waiting to see new faces.

It's also a great way to spend the day with loved ones.

"Our zoo is a great place to take the kids, grandkids and walk around. Since were not a big zoo, its not a big time commitment for the day. It's just a great place if you've been out here before, it's great to come out and see how your animal buddies have been doing all winter. They would love to see you too," said Emily McEvoy, educator curator at Henson Robinson Zoo.

The zoo says it offers classes and camps throughout the year for those who have a strong interest in animals.

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