Google donates $1.5 million to 4-H Club

Google is donating $1.5 million to the 4-H program nationwide. (WICS)

Google is donating $1.5 million to the 4-H program nationwide.

The tech giant made the announcement at the Illinois State Fairgrounds Friday morning.

In the first year, $100,000 will be distributed to 22 different states to help improve technology and computer science.

The youth organization will also use the money to unveil a new virtual reality expedition.

The 4H president and CEO, Jennifer Sirangelo, says these new advancements will help improve local communities.

Siriangelo says " this ambitious collaboration gives 4-H educators the tools, resources, and expertise to teach kids technical computer science skills, like coding, and the life skills they need to succeed, like computational thinking."

Google says they decided to make the announcement in Illinois because it has one of the strongest 4-H programs in the country.

Nearly six million young people across the United States participate in 4-H.

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