CWLP to work with families falling behind on rising utility bills

CWLP to work with families falling behind on rising utility bills.

Well as temperatures begin to drop, energy bills are starting to rise.

This is causing some in Springfield to wonder how they are going to pay for the rising cost of staying warm.

With higher energy bills, it is difficult to pay for heating and water if the bill is more than what you have available.

However, City, Water, Light and Power (CWLP) said no one will be cut off from their heat if it is below freezing.

Rather, they will work with them on a payment plan.

"They can call customer service any time on billing inquiries and payment arrangements. We also have our energy services office that can help with efficiency tips. There's a lot of things they can do to save 10, to 25 to 35 percent on their annual bill," CWLP Public Information Officer Amber Sabin said.

While heat will not be cut off to customers, water does not have the same deal.

If customers fall behind on those payments that will be shut off on them.

It will come after several notices though, including a phone call from a past due bill.

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