Chihuahua attacked by fox in Grandview, police say

Tiny the Chihuahua is recovering after police say he was attacked by a fox Monday night. (WICS)

A safety alert was issued for Grandview after police say a dog was attacked by a fox.

Tiny the Chihuahua is recovering after police say he was attacked by a fox Monday night.

The dog was barking at a fox that had jumped their backyard fence in Grandview when the animal attacked, the dog's owner John Stigleman said.

Police say it happened near Enterprise and Wolf Street.

"He was bleeding a lot, outside, under, bruises and a cracked rib is what he got out of the deal," Stigleman said.

After attacking Tiny the fox ran off, Stigleman said.

Despite his dog being hurt, Stigleman says he doesn't mind foxes, coyotes and other wild animals living in Grandview.

"There's plenty of rabbits," he said. "There's plenty of small game animals for foxes. I think it was the wrong place, wrong time for tiny."

Marci Hartley has lived near Stigleman for a decade.

She says she's seen six coyotes and two foxes regularly roam the area.

"Three, 4 in the morning you can hear the baby coyotes howling off the back of that hill," Hartley said. "They're right by my bedroom window and I hear them every morning."

Hartley says it's surprising that a pet was attacked in her neighborhood because she says the wild animals that live in the area are peaceful.

"They've never messed with me or my dog," she said. "I have a stray cat that I take in, I've never had any problems with them before."

Foxes and coyotes are generally not dangerous to people or larger pets, said Tim Schweizer with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

"I advise people not to leave their small cats, small dogs out at night," Schweizer said. "Make sure you're always attentive to where they are and what they're doing."

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