$15 For Illinois' Future Tour Makes Stop In Springfield


The $15 for Illinois’ Future Minimum Raise tour made a stop in the capital city.

Thursday’s event is part of a statewide press tour to raise awareness about a house bill that would raise Illinois’ minimum wage incrementally over the next five years.

It would reach $15 an hour by 2022.

The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Will Guzzardi, says right now, the fact that more than 40% of the Illinois workforce makes less than $15 an hour is what makes his legislation so important.

“You just can’t get by on that kind of wage in this state. I mean, making $10- $11 an hour, even if you’re working full time while trying to provide for a family and raise children, these wages are simply inadequate,” said Re. Will Guzzardi (D) Chicago. “And people are working as hard as they possible can and they still can’t get ahead.”

Guzzardi also says raising the minimum wage would inject billions of dollars into the state’s economy.

The bill is currently waiting on a vote in the Illinois House.

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