Pediatric Therapy Makes Road To Recovery Fun For Patients

Therapists at St. John's Children's Hospital are taking on a new approach to treating patients.

Physical therapy can sometimes be a long process. Now, therapists at St. John's Children's Hospital are taking on a new approach to treating patients. Not only are the patient sessions therapeutic for the mind and body, they're also giving the hospital’s smallest patients a mix of much needed treatment and a little fun.

Bike rides down the hall are a favorite for 3-year-old Evelyn Moscardelli. They aren't your typical physical therapy sessions, but this form of treatment gets her vocals and muscles moving.

"She loves therapy,” said Katrina Stover, Evelyn's mom. “Every time we come she's so excited. Evelyn has cerebral palsy. Shortly after she was born she stopped breathing and was rushed to the NICU. She was on a pool cap for a few days and a ventilator. She's spent 36 days in the NICU and has been doing occupational therapy since she was two months old.”

Doctors told Evelyn's mom that she'd never be able to sit up on her own or communicate. She's now walking with a walker and communicating. Evelyn attends therapy twice a week and her mom credits physical therapy as the reason behind her daughter’s success.

"In the past year and a half, she's realized she can be mobile on her own and she's up and going and everywhere," said Stover.

It's not just Evelyn that's growing by leaps and bounds in physical therapy. Other patients are too.

"It's pretty common that you may walk into the hospital and see a kid on a train,” said Occupational therapist Ashley Walls. “You might see a kiddo on their tummy going up a scooter on a ramp… just having fun."

Fun is the secret ingredient to success in physical therapy at St. John's Children's Hospital. The same fun that Evelyn is having while she reaches major milestones and pedals towards recovery.

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