December Pay It Forward Winner

December Pay It Forward Winner

Imagine being a young woman, homeless, pregnant, and alone. It's the unfortunate reality for many moms-to-be in Springfield.

"Not knowing where they're going to go or what they're going to do. We've had girls that have been living in cars that have come to live in this home," Kim Fields, founder and house mother, Beerlahai Roi.

This home is Beerlahai Roi Women's Ministries. The organization was founded in 1998 by Doug and Kim Fields who serve as house parents for up to four un-wed mothers at a time.

"We're here 24/7. We're here with the girls, overseeing the home and assisting them in getting up on their feet," said Fields.

The women are asked to either work, go to school or volunteer during their stay at Beerlahai Roi.

They're housed during pregnancy and up to 8 months after their baby is born.

"It helped me get started building a foundation to do the things I needed to do to take care of my daughter. You need that stable environment and that safe place," said Chevelle Thomas, stayed at Beerlahai Roi three years ago.

A safe place where the women say they feel loved and can grow in their relationship with god.

"This place has really made my faith a lot stronger and is helping me create a better future for my child."

And that's the mission of Beerlahai Roi Women's Ministries, which has housed almost 220 girls so far.

"It gets very busy sometimes. Especially when you get a knock on your door at 3 o'clock in the morning and one of them is ready to go and deliver their baby. So you got to be ready all the time for the call," said Doug Fields, founder, house parent Beerlhai Roi Womens Ministries.

The fields aren't often caught off-guard, but when Newschannel 20 and Davis Financial Group stopped by the home to award them with this $500 check they were stunned.

"What you're doing for these girls and giving them a start in life that they wouldn't have...and their babies. It's just very heartwarming and I'm honored to be here tonight and present this check on behalf of Drew Davis and Davis financial group."

"Thank you so much. We're so surprised."

It's a gift the fields say will help even more mothers and babies....have a place to call home.

"A mom and an infant. That really stems from god's word that says he holds the lambs close to his heart and gently leads those with young. That's really who is the thrust behind what we're god. Because he's a loving god and he has a plan for them and their babies."

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