Mommy Matters: Getting rid of extra Halloween candy

Mommy Matters: Getting rid of extra Halloween candy (WICS)

In this week’s Mommy Matters, when children go to sleep, many parents are raiding their stash Halloween candy.

But what if your child has too much candy?

There are ways to get rid of it.

Some dental offices will buy back your child's candy as a way to donate it to troops overseas.

Doctor Jerger's Office in Decatur announced on Facebook their buyback will be November 6.

Another option is to donate your extra candy to Operation Gratitude, which provides care packages for troops overseas.

If you want to hang onto the sweet stuff, health experts say, that's ok!

It's just best to ration it.

Setting limits for how much candy kids consume can be good, as long as guidelines are realistic, consistent, and positive.

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